What is an NBA Floor Cleaner’s Salary?

There is a wide variety of jobs available for people who like to work in the NBA. While not everyone can be a pro basketball player, coach, referee, or team executive, there are great jobs that pay well.

Some of these jobs include; security guards, arena janitors, janitors, waterboys, towel boys, ball boys, and as well as floor cleaners.

In this post, we will look into the career of an NBA floor cleaner salary as well as how to apply for and get a job.

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NBA Floor Sweeper Salary

So many people wonder and ask, what is the average salary for an NBA floor cleaner? Well, an NBA floor cleaner earns a salary of $80,000 per year.

On the low end, an NBA floor cleaner can earn around $30,000 a year. On the higher end, however, an NBA floor cleaner salary can rise up to $100,000.

Inexperienced cleaners will definitely earn less than those who’ve worked for many years in the league.

Also, NBA teams in bigger cities such as New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles will have higher pay rates compared to teams in smaller cities.

This is surprisingly a great income for an NBA floor sweeper. There are actually so many perks that come with this career. Below we will look at some of them.

Benefits of Working as an NBA Floor Cleaner

NBA floor cleaners get to sit courtside and watch live NBA games without buying a ticket. They get to work in a fun lively environment, so they are working while getting entertained.

An NBA floor cleaner’s job is not too hard and doesn’t need many hours to do. Just show up for games with a mop and clean the court.

The pay is very good compared to the average janitor’s salary. The average salary for an NBA court cleaner can range from $30k to $80k per year which is great.

So with all these benefits, a lot of people would like to get a job working as a mop boy in the NBA. However, they also need to know the duties of this job title.

What are the Duties of an NBA Floor Cleaner?

nba floor cleaner salary

A floor cleaner’s main duties involve cleaning the courts during games as well as during breaks between quarters.

They are always sitting courtside, ready to run onto the court and mop when there’s any chance of water or sweat on the court.

Working as an NBA court cleaner can be a satisfying and enjoyable job as one gets to watch the games while working. It also requires one to be mentally alert and aware of when to do the job.

NBA teams employ court cleaners to clean up the court so as to reduce the risk of players sliding and getting injured while playing.

How to Become an NBA Floor Cleaner

There are several ways one can become an NBA floor cleaner. Below we will explore some of them;

  1. Check out the NBA jobs portal from time to time as they always post a job listing. You can find the portal here. Just search team by team to see which has an opening for a floor cleaner.
  2. Another way to get a job in the NBA as a floor cleaner is to contact the HR departments of various NBA teams and find out if they have available positions for a mop boy.
  3. The NBA also posts job openings on LinkedIn and Indeed.com. By adding filters like HR or Talent acquisition you will get your desired results.
  4. If you know someone who works for an NBA team, you can ask for help on how to get a job working as a court cleaner.
  5. Finally, you can find the emails of team HRs and try sending them a mail to know if there are available positions for floor cleaners.

Final Words

While an NBA floor cleaning job isn’t as glamorous as being an NBA player, it is an honest job with high pay.

It is a dream job for some people as it requires very little skills or education, has low working hours, and pays very well.

Oh, and let’s not forget having to watch NBA stars play live on the court without spending a dime on tickets.

So, if you’d like to become an NBA floor cleaner, go and start looking for a way to get a job now.

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