The Top 10 Best Lacrosse Players of all Time

Lacrosse is a very popular sport that is played in Canada and the United States.

While it is not as large as basketball or soccer, the sport continues to grow every day.

Over the years, many professional players have played and entertained lacrosse fans but which players have left a major influence on the sport?

In this post, we look at some of the best lacrosse players to ever play the game.

1.Jim Brown
2.Gary Gait
3.Paul Rabil
4.Michael Powell
5.Brodie Merill
6.Dave Pietramala
7.John Grant Sr
8.Jimmy Lewis
9.Oren Lyons
10.Jason Coffman

The Best Lacrosse Players of all Time

Jason Coffman

best lacrosse players of all time

Jason Coffman is considered one of the best lacrosse players ever due to his college record at Salisbury State.

Back in the mid 90s, he was so good that he elevated Salisbury university to national fame.

Coffman was little, strong as an ox, and had GREAT hands. He made everyone around him better and could finish inside as well as anyone.

Now he works as lacrosse coach at Carthage high school.

Oren Lyons

best lacrosse players of all time

Oren Lyons has been involved in so many things over his lifetime. He has published books, has represented the Native American heritage at the United Nations, and played lacrosse in college.

In his youth days, Oren Lyons attended Syracuse University where he played college lacrosse and was considered one of the best lacrosse players in college.

In his professional career, he played for the New York Lacrosse Club, the New Jersey Lacrosse Club, and the Onondaga Athletic Club.

Jimmy Lewis

Jimmy Lewis is condered a legend in the sport of lacrosse. Back in the mid 60s, he played lacrosse at the Naval academy and was a three-time All-American, helping his team to win national titles.

Lewis was very swift, agile and accurate on the field. He was so good that in 1966, The Baltimore Sun, praised Lewis was the “greatest living lacrosse player.”

Lewis was inducted into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1981.

John Grant Sr

John Grant Sr is a Hall of Fame lacrosse player who has greatly influeneced the sport. The Canadian legend played lacrosse at Peterborough Lakers in the Ontario Lacrosse Association’s Junior A Lacrosse League.

In his professional career, he played for Canada Men’s Field Lacrosse team in the 1982 and 1986 Olympic games.

He won the Top Rookie of the Year award in 1995 and was named MSL Most Valuable Player in 2000 while playing with the Peterborough Lakers of the Major Series Lacrosse (MSL).

In 1997, he was introduced into the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

Dave Pietramala

best lacrosse players of all time

Dave Pietramala is widely regarded as one of the greatest defensive players in lacrosse. He played lacrosse at Johns Hopkins University where he helped his team to win the 1987 National Lacrosse Championship.

After college, Pietramala would go on to play professional lacrosse at Mount Washington Lacrosse Club in the 1990s.

He also represented the the USA at the International Lacrosse Federation World Championship in 1990 where he was awarded MVP.

Pietramala later on became a lacrosse coach as has been successful in his coaching career as well.

Many lacrosse fans consider Dave Pietramala as the best ever defensive player in lacrosse as he help to redefine the position.

Brodie Merill

best lacrosse players of all time

Brodie Merill is currently one of the best professional lacrosse players in the world. He attended Georgetown University where he played ollege lacrosse and was very outstanding.

After college, Merill has played for many teams in the Major League League as well as Paremier League Lacrose.

Merill has also he helped the Canadian national lacrosse team to an historic win at the World Lacrosse Championship in London, Ontario in 2006 where he was awarded the Best Defender.

Brodie Merill is widely considered as one of the best lacrosse players of all time.

Michael Powell

best lacrosse players of all time

Michael Powell played college lacrosse at Syracuse University before making it to the professional level. As a pro, he played for the Boston Cannons and Baltimore Bayhawks.

In his playing days, Michael Powell was very diverse in his skill set, so athletic, and extremely selfless.

He even represented the United States at the 2002 and 2006 World Lacrosse Championships where he was named to the All-World Team.

Powell retired from professional lacrosse to become a musician and visual artist but still remains one of the best lacrosse players of all time.

Paul Rabil

best lacrosse players of all time

Paul Rabil is one of the most famous professional lacrosse players in the world. Born in 1985, Paul grew up playing lacrosse with his friends before going to play lacrosse at John Hopkins university

In his professional career, Rabil played for many teams in the Boston Cannons, New York Lizards, and Philadelphia Wings.

He retired from playing in 2013 and has gone on to found Premier League Lacrosse with a group of investors.

Paul Rabil is not only one of the best lacrosse players of all time, but he may end up becoming one of the richest with the success of the PLL.

Gary Gait

greatest lacrosse players of all time

Gary Gait is one of the best lacrosse players ever to play the game. He played college lacrosse at Syracuse University back in the 80s before turning pro.

After college, he played professional lacrosse in the NLL for 17 years, earning league MVP honors for five straight years.

Gait also played five seasons in MLL from 2001 to 2005, winning the league title three times and co-MVP honors in 2005.

He retired from professional lacrosse in 2006 and was inducted into the professional lacrosse Hall of Fame in 2021.

Gary Gait is widely considered one of the greatest and best lacrosse players of all time.

Jim Brown

Jim Brown may be better known as a football player but he did play lacrosse in college and excelled at it.

During his college days, Jim Brown was a very athletic college athlete who participated in multiple sports.

After college, Brown was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the NFL where he played for 9 seasons before retiring in 1966.

Jim Brown went into the movie industry after leaving sports and has remained in the limelight since the 60s.

He is way better than any lacrosse player ever. He was so big and fast that he could run over anyone and was amazing at the game.


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