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Sportpersons.com started as a site to provide comprehensive sports information such as athletes’ salaries, contracts, facts, quotes, career highlights, and personal life.

We are passionate about all things sports and want to give you a deeper look into the lives of your favorite sports stars.

We take you behind the scenes and show you how your favorite sports star lives, their families, houses, cars, and where they vacation, so you get to know them better.

Sportpersons.com also covers fitness athletes and models who inspire us to live fit and healthy lives. You will also find content about improving your health, exercising, and living a healthier and more athletic life.

Sometimes, we recommend products we’ve used and believe are great for our audience. If you purchase any of these recommended products, we earn a small fee as affiliates which comes at no cost to you.

Editorial Staff

Jett Barnett

Jett Barnett is a Freelance Writer and Journalist who also happens to be an avid sports fan. You can find him most of them the time watching NBA, NFL, MLB, or Champions League games. He’s on Twitter @jett_barnett

Dallas Gray

Jett Barnett is an experienced sports writer who has written thousands of articles on various sports. He has contributed to some of the most prominent sports publications in the world.

Elaine Maverick

Elaine loves cats, coffee, and sports. Her favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys and Boston Celtics. You can find her on Twitter at @elaine_maveric

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