Aaron Reed: Bio, Bodybuilding & WWE Career

Aaron Reed is a professional bodybuilder and former WWE wrestler from Tampa, Florida.

Reed is a 9x NPC champion who stands at an impressive height of 6″7 and is officially the tallest bodybuilder to win a Men’s Physique competition.

He is also a published author, Film Actor, and nutrition & fitness expert with a large following of fans and followers on Instagram.

Below, we break down everything you need to know about Aaron W. Reed, one of the tallest bodybuilders in the world.

Quick Facts

Full NameAaron Reed
Date of BirthSeptember 12, 1981
Place of BirthMinco, Oklahoma
ProfessionPro Bodybuilder, Wrestler, Fitness Expert

Aaron Reed Bio and Career

Aaron Reed bodybuilder

Aaron Reed was born in Minco, Oklahoma on September 12, 1981. There isn’t any public information regarding his family or siblings, but he grew up in Minco, Oklahoma.

Growing up in an athletic family and being very tall, his parents wanted him to play basketball. However, Aaron was more interested in playing football.

Then around the age of 12, tragedy hit him – he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Aaron began going for chemotherapy and luckily, he beat it.

By the time they succeeded in treating this disease, Aaron was looking very thin and malnourished. He had lost a lot of weight during the treatment.

Determined not to be skinny and look like a weakling, he decided to hit the gym and put on some muscles.

Aaron in one interview said;

“I hated the fact I looked like a weakling, all I knew was that I wanted to change that. I never wanted to be called skinny again. I set my sights on becoming a bodybuilder.” 

As Aaron worked out and saw early results, he was motivated to keep ongoing. He drew inspiration from his idol, the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, and was determined to become a pro bodybuilder.

Like most beginner bodybuilders, Aaron made a lot of mistakes at the start of his fitness journey. He would train regularly at the gym but would see very slow progress.

That’s when he decided to get a mentor, Gus Hanke, to help him in his training and nutrition. Hanke taught him how to squat, bench, and deadlift.

After just two weeks of training with Hanke, Aaron was able to bench 115lbs and deadlift 300lbs at the age of twelve and got hooked for life.

He completed high school at Minco High and enrolled in Messa State College to study business. However, his love and passion for competitive bodybuilding wouldn’t let him finish college.

Aaron participated in his first bodybuilding competition in 2001, winning the NPC Mr. Teen Colorado title.

Motivated by that first win, Aaron dropped out of college and went full-time into professional bodybuilding.

He started studying nutrition and exercise while working out and building more and more muscle while taking part in regional competitions.

The following year in 2002, he won the NPC Rocky Mountain competition in the Superheavyweight category.

In 2005, Aaron sealed another victory by becoming the NPC Steele City Heavyweight champion still in the super heavyweight category.

Aaron then decided to follow a different passion of his and went into professional wrestling. In 2009, he signed his WWE contract and became a pro wrestler going with the nickname “Lift Sawyer.”

However, his wrestling career didn’t take off as he got injured in one of the WWE matches. Once taken to the hospital, it was discovered that he had hepatitis and had to undergo chemotherapy.

Aaron Reed’s wrestling career folded as he spent the next several months taking treatment for the illness.

Once done with wrestling, Reed moved back to his first love, bodybuilding. This time around, he come back even stronger than ever winning the NPC Greater Gainesville super heavyweight competition in 2010.

He followed this success with another one, becoming the NPC Florida State Super Heavy Weight Champion still in 2010.

In 2011, Aaron Reed was the NPC Orlando Metropolitan Men’s Physique Overall Champion. Standing at an impressive height of 6’7” and 315lbs, Aaron is the tallest bodybuilder to win a Men’s Physique competition.

In 2012 and 2013, he participated in Muscle Mania Universe competitions, taking second place.

With his fame, success, and experience in bodybuilding, Aaron Reed shares his knowledge with others. Since then, he has built a successful following on Instagram where he regularly posts his workout photos and videos.

Following in the footsteps of his idol, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Aaron has played a role in the movie “Zombie Apocalypse” and even wrote a book on fitness and nutrition called “The Supernatural Lifestyle.”

Aaron Reed Training and Nutrition

Aaron Reed bodybuilder

As far as training, Aaron Reed spends about one to two hours six days a week at the gym. He combines compound lifts with lighter ones while working out.

His favorite workouts are deadlifts, bench presses, and leg presses. He also does a lot of squats, pulls ups and push-ups that help balance his whole body muscles.

Aaron also makes sure to eat a lot of protein ( 350 to 400 grams) to nourish his muscles. Standing at 6″7 and 310 lbs, his body needs a lot of protein to maintain his weight throughout the year.

He doesn’t follow any strict diet, however, he makes sure to avoid consuming sugar and prefers taking fruits.

Aaron Reed also takes quality micronutrients to maintain a healthy and strong body.

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Personal Life

Is Aaron Reed married?

Aaron Reed is not married yet but he has a girlfriend called Ashley Puida. Ashley is also an IFBB Pro Bikini Competitor and fitness model who took part in the 2017 Olympia Competitions.

Both Ashley and Aaron are a happy couple and can always be seen training and traveling together on their Instagram accounts.

Social Media


Aaron Reed Net worth

Aaron Reed is a successful pro bodybuilder, fitness trainer, and actor. He earns income from selling his book, “The SuperNatural Lifestyle” as well as from training clients as a personal trainer.

Currently, Aaron Reed’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. He will certainly earn more as he keeps growing his social media accounts and getting more acting gigs.


What is Aaron Reed age?

He is currently 41 years old.

What is Aaron Reed height?

Aaron Reed’s height is 6″7

Who is Aaron Reed wife?

Aaron Reed’s girlfriend is Ashley Puida.

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